Fees & Charges

There is No automatic bulk-billing at this Practice

(Bulk billings May be offered to those under 17 or 70 & over at your doctors discretion)

Please note we do not bulk bill on Saturdays or in our After Hours Clinics


Doctors will only discount for

  • Patients with a current Pension or Healthcare Card
  • Some Patients attending for follow-up Or an ongoing course of treatment


Except by prior arrangement, payment is required on the day of the visit.
The practice accepts cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit cards.
If you use an EFTPOS Debit Card, you can obtain your Medicare rebate at the time of payment.

All accounts will incur an administration fee; any accounts that remain unpaid will be referred to a Collection Service within 60 days.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact our friendly reception team as soon as possible so we can set up a payment plan.

If you have any queries regarding our schedule of fees please do not hesitate to contact us.



Consultation Type Brief Short Medium Long
Doctor’s Fee (what you pay) $45 $90 $147 $215
Medicare Pays (what you get back) $18.20 $39.75 $76.95 $113.30
Patient Pays $26.80 $50.25 $70.05 $101.70
Under 17 and over 75 with concession cards NIL NIL NIL NIL
Fee for Holders of a Current Pension or Concession Card $26.80 $28 $38 $48

Skin Clinic Fees

Skin Check $155.75 with Medicare paying $75.75

out of pocket cost  $80

International visitors are billed privately

A non attendance fee of $20 will be billed for failure to cancel your appointments

Procedures :  out of pocket costs will apply, please discuss this with your Doctor.

AFTER HOURS CLINIC SCHEDULE OF FEES (6pm-9pm Monday to friday)


Consultation Type Brief (less than 5 minutes) Standard (15 minutes)
Doctor’s Fee (what you pay) $51 priv

$42 conc

Medicare Pays (what you get back) $17.75 $38.75
Patient Pays $34.25 priv

$24.25 conc

Discounted Fees for Holders of a Current Pension or Concession Card Minimum out of pocket $24.25

Maximum out of pocket $40*

*Treatment room use or appointments over 15 minutes may attract a higher fee, maximum out of pocket will be $100 (private) and $55 (concession).
In order to offer this service, we are strictly unable to bulk bill.

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