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Information for Patients


There’s plenty of public parking available near the front of the surgery for patients.

There are two disabled parking spaces at the eastern end of the frontage with plenty of space for boarding and alighting, and a near level ramp onto the walkway at the front of the practice. The entire practice is on one level and the corridors are wide and kept free of obstacles.

The practice has a large waiting room with high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

It’s well stocked with reading material and has a large screen television for entertainment.

There is a small child’s play area which can be easily monitored and supervised by parents or guardians. (This is currently unavailable due to COVID 19 Restrictions).

The Public Toilets can be accessed via the corridor in the Consulting Suite and includes toilets for males, females and people with disabilities. All are fitted with change tables for babies.

A wheelchair can be provided for people who are experiencing mobility difficulties.

In the event of an emergency please follow the directions of staff to the designated safety area behind the Coles petrol station.


In the interests of privacy, all forms of photography are strictly prohibited within the practice.

No Smoking

Smoking in or nearby the practice or the near vicinity is prohibited by law.


You can call the practice on 6265 2341 to make an appointment or come in person.

Alternatively you may wish to make an appointment anytime using our easy online booking system.

Book routine appointments as far ahead as practicable to avoid the likelihood of your doctor of choice being unavailable at a time convenient to you.

Please let the receptionist know if you think you might need a longer appointment than usual (i.e. medicals, removal of moles, baby checks, vaccinations, pap smears etc.).

If you think you could be contagious please let reception know upon booking so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

In compliance with government legislation we are required to obtain three points of I.D. every time you visit. This may include asking your date of birth, your current address and your current phone number.

Please go direct to the reception counter when you arrive.

The demand for appointments with practice doctors is often high and, on many days, exceeds availability. Doctors, nurses and reception staff make every effort to accommodate the needs of our patients, particularly those with urgent problems.

Health issues are unpredictable and doctors can be easily delayed.

We appreciate your patience.



Please call as soon as possible if you are unable to attend for your appointment.

This will enable us to offer your appointment to someone else who needs it.

There is $20.00 fee for non attendance, which is not covered by Medicare.

online appointment booking

Simple, fast and secure

Medicare & Concession Cards

Please bring your Medicare Card and your current Health Care Card, DVA Card or other Concession Card with you to all appointments.


Other Enquiries

We’re generally very busy between 8.30am and 9.00am taking calls from people seeking an urgent appointment. If the matter is not urgent, please consider delaying the call.


Home and Nursing Home Visits

Home Visits are provided wherever possible for patients of the practice whose medical condition prevents them from travelling to the surgery or have difficulty doing so for reasons of poor mobility.

A number of our doctors attend on patients at the Ningana Nursing Home and other aged care facilities.


Medical & Nursing Students or Trainees

You can help train the next generation of doctors by allowing them to observe your visit.

If you would prefer to see your doctor alone, your desire for privacy will be respected.


The Practice has three notice boards in our waiting room. One is utilised as a Community Health Notice Board for displaying notices for Health and Well Being activities that may be of benefit to our patients. If you would like to display a notice on this board, please ask at reception.

The other two notice boards are used by the practice to communicate important information to patients regarding administrative and health related matters such as: our After Hours arrangements, any restrictions on accepting new patients and forthcoming health promotion activities etc. The practice also produces a “Practice Bulletin” on a quarterly basis and welcomes suggestions for articles from patients. Please leave your ideas with reception.

The practice would also ask our patients to communicate to us any updated personal details such as change of address or contact numbers and mobile phone numbers. It is imperative that we are able to contact our patients at all times should the need arise.

Further information on our policy is available. Please speak to your doctor or ask for a copy of our privacy policy. New patients accepted by the practice will be asked to sign a Consent Form authorizing the practice to collect necessary personal health information.


Preventive Health – Reminder System

As part of our ongoing commitment to preventative health, patients with medical conditions requiring ongoing care (i.e. Asthma, Blood Pressure, Diabetes) may be included on our reminder system. From time to time, we may contact you to offer preventative health services, such as those mentioned above, that may be appropriate. Please speak to your doctor if you would like to be included in this service.


Professional services at affordable rates

Interpreter Service

If assistance is required, please contact reception who will contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (PH: 131450).

The phone number for the Relay Service, assisting the hearing and speech impaired,  is 1800 555 660.



These are not given routinely unless there is a continuing problem being looked after by a specialist. If you feel you need a specialist referral please make an appointment to discuss this with your doctor.

Referrals will not be backdated. Please ask your doctor about the likely costs involved in specialist consultations. Ongoing referrals attract a charge of $10.00.


X-Ray Films

All results are now delivered to the doctor electronically. X-ray Films are the property of the patients and copies no longer need to be brought in at the time of consultation unless specifically requested by your doctor.


Pathology and Radiology Tests

Your doctor may advise you to have pathology or radiology tests in order to establish or confirm a diagnosis or monitor certain medical condition(s).

Minor tests (e.g. blood sugar, pregnancy tests) may be done at the surgery however, the majority of tests will require your doctor to write a referral for test(s) for you to take to your closest pathology or radiology centre.

It may be advisable to contact the pathologist/radiologist prior to your visit to arrange an appointment particularly for non-routine tests and to clarify any pre-testing requirements that you may need to follow.

Test results are returned electronically to the practice for your doctor to review. Usually, routine investigations are available within three (3) working days. Urgent tests will be given priority and are returned generally within 24 hours (if possible).

Telephone Calls for Results

Please telephone the surgery for your results between 2 and 5 p.m. on the day specified by your doctor. Your results may be given by our nurses and follow up appointment will be made if required by your doctor. Please refer to “Pathology and Radiology Tests” regarding information about your tests and obtaining your results.

Practice contact details.




When you telephone or call in for your result(s), the nurse is able to give the result to you. In certain instances, your doctor may wish to discuss the result directly with you and/or may request that you make a follow-up appointment.

Where test results are abnormal or of concern, your doctor will request that you make an appointment to discuss this. It is imperative that you keep this appointment and if unable to do so, re-schedule as soon as possible.

There is no charge for submitting blood or specimens for testing, however the pathology laboratories charge a fee for examining and reporting on samples. Similarly, the radiology service charges a fee for x-raying, ultrasound investigations etc. Full details of fees and billing can be obtained from the Pathology/Radiology service.

If we need to contact you for urgent follow-up of test results, it is essential that we have your current address and telephone contact details. Please check with reception that the details we have are correct. Please also ensure that you collect and keep your x-ray films following tests as we are unable to store these at the practice.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please speak to reception staff or your doctor.